About the Authors


Appjobs seeks to connect gig workers and gig providers and, by doing so, improve the online labour market. Founded in 2017, Appjobs has a unique position in understanding the gig economy. Its platform, Appjobs.com, covers over 500 cities, 40 countries and more than 2 000 000 gig workers that enable Appjobs to draw unique insights into how the online economy works. By writing this report Appjobs want to offer you an understanding of this new market of gigs, what its strengths are but also its challenges.


Vinter is a regulated index provider focusing on the digital assets market. Vinter indexes is used in traditional exchange traded products as well as smart contracts, traded on decentralized exchanges.  Founded in Stockholm in 2019 Vinter has developed an in-depth understanding of the digital assets markets and how it can contribute to a more frictionless and efficient global economy. The first major use case for digital assets was trading and with this report Vinter wants to show that the next use case could be labour.